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no, he's not breastfeeding. They made it to a little over 2-1/2 months then stopped.

Maca and I got into an argument last night. I should have just gotten off of the phone, but I didn't.

Daughter left a cup on the couch when she went to bed, I was on hte phone with him, picking up the trail of things that weren't put away when everyone went to bed and commented on it.
He told me I needed to have a talk with her (which I have, we already have plans to go in and get her back on her ADD meds asap). I was offended because he already knows that she needs her medication and it won't do any good to say "don't be inattentive and forgetful" when she's TRYING not to be. (not that I didn't point out to her that she leaves stuff behind her in a trail-I DID). AND annoyed because he actually thought I DIDN'T say something???? THAT is not my forte-what makes him think I suddenly became good at it with HER?!?!?!

It wasn't a good conversation.
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