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Default my mono husbands concerns.

He made some good points that anytime more people are involved the greater chance there will be trouble. For example if the person isnít emotionally stable and takes brake ups badly. When love is involved people get hurt more times then not. And unlike mono dating with poly people there are also even more people involved. Spouses and lovers that may be envious or jealous. The risks involved in the search for another is high and with young children involved, is the risks worth the reward? No. Then he says plus how would we ever find someone that fits? The chances of metting someone who want what we want, is slim. SO I will keep my heart open and I hope he will to but Im not seeing any changes to our lives anytime soon. And Im ok with that. But I do want to make more friends, and find a female friend that will connect with me as much as I do with her. A BFF something I havenít had in over 10 years.
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