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My earlier post was quite harsh, but I'm happy that it is generally agreed upon, with a nicer tone perhaps. I'm sorry if it felt like I was having a go at you.

I agree with some of the other things said too.

Certainly looking at what it is you are jealous for, or even if it is jealousy and not just a feeling off loss or something, is a good way to start. Talking to the both of them about what it is you do feel and have them communicate back will help you understand where you are at with them. Like someone said... Maybe you just figure out it really is over and that should give you an easy place to "get over it" from.

Getting over something doesn't have to be thought of like a switch either. It can and probably will take time. But if you understand it is over and that you can pursue something or someone else, get your mind off it with some fun activity perhaps? Then you will find it a lot easier to to just go by life without worrying about what you really didn't need in your life.
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