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Most romance stuff doesn't work with married couples because I think, the idea of romance in marriage is lost and the concept of breaking out of marriage would be tough to break.---
Ok. This is very interesting. Both you and red p mention this lack of romance. It helps me figure out that I am having some issues in this area with my couple that I care dearly for. (me being the elusive 'unicorn' and can i just say i am really starting to ahhh.... Dislike that term) And we have a great time out in the world and sex is great but I don't feel that dating feeling. I feel like we are all best friends who also sleep together. Would certainly welcome feedback on this situation that is new to me but apparently not to y'all!

Ok just lost everything I had typed. Ugh. Cut to the chase. I need them but they already have what they need in each other. They agreed. I have needs they have wants they've been together forever and iam not sure they can real used me ass 3-d person more than a concept. Feedback welcome.

Last sentence should have read " I am not sure they can see me as a 3-D person who has equal needs." also They discuss me a lot when I am not around and I hear about it later which is a strange feeling. As if they feel that is including me and spending time with/on me but that is just a fantasy in my eyes. I do not get the benefit of the conversation. Does this make sense? And I am not wanting to be the one always complaining and pointing out that or just being lonely when in their "mind" yes singular they feel we are together.

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