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Drgnmastr1 is derived from a name used by the Army’s 159th Aviation Regiment, “Dragon Master”, and of which I was a member a number of years ago. The “1” designated that I was their Personnel Officer (S-1).

My avatar is Ignatz Mouse taken from the Krazy Kat cartoon strip.

To quote my friends at Wikipedia, “The strip focuses on the curious love triangle between its title character, a guileless, carefree, simple-minded cat of indeterminate gender (referred to as both "he" and "she"); the obsessive antagonist Ignatz Mouse; and the protective police dog, Offissa Bull Pupp. Krazy nurses an unrequited love for the mouse. However, Ignatz despises Krazy and constantly schemes to throw bricks at Krazy's head, which Krazy misinterprets as a sign of affection. Offissa Pupp, as Coconino County's administrator of law and order, makes it his unwavering mission to interfere with Ignatz's brick-tossing plans and lock the mouse in the county jail.”
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