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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
Oh man! Do you have the same parents as me?!

Everything that has come about for me is in this thread. The continuation of which is in my blog, especially in recent months since last fall (2010).

Basically my parents accused Mono of having an interest in my son. When we told them his interest and attachment was with me, they didn't believe us and proceeded to make sure that my son was checked out in an act to confirm they were right. It was horrible and scary. There is a law here called the polygamy law that made us really worried that our boy might be taken away from us...

Have a read and at least know you are not alone. Others have gone through some stuff too and it can get better. I know it might not seem like that, but it is possible.
I'm really glad to know that things have gotten better for someone else, and I hope that they can for us, too.

My suggestion, and what worked for me is to be patient, understanding of their position, wait and don't let them change your path because of their fear. The other really helpful thing to me was to vent elsewhere so that when I had to deal with them I had it out of my system...
I don't think they're going to change our path, no matter what they might say.

Now we all get along swimmingly. My parents have said they don't understand, but they do accept and can see the benefits that have come into our lives... it was a long journey, but we made it and are doing just fine. I am still reticent to tell them about my life, but I think that is just how it will have to be....but, we are all good regardless. I hope you find yourself in the same position some day.
I hope we find ourselves in a similar position one day, but I know it'll take time to get there. I'll read your thread and your blog, and pass them on to C - I know she'll be grateful. Thanks!

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