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Originally Posted by MaybeSparrow View Post
.... he requested that I email his girlfriend to introduce myself and say thanks for letting me borrow him for a while. I agree that it's the proper thing to do, but I don't know what to say. This is apparently her first polyamorous relationship, and I'm inexperienced enough with poly where I've never been in this situation.

So my question is: if you were in her shoes, what would (or wouldn't!) you want to see in a message from me? Maybe I should just keep it really bare bones? And stop overthinking everything in my life?
He requested.... he asked if she would be willing.... I'm not getting where the issue is with this. "Requesting" is above board to me. If the OP doesn't want to she doesn't have to. Although I wouldn't suggest falling short in the metamour department. Metamours can make or break a relationship
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