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Originally Posted by orcasandowls View Post
D and C have agreed that if her parents want to talk again, he'll insist on being present. If her parents try to bring things up to her when he isn't around, she's agreed to just walk away from the conversation.
Good move there.

Originally Posted by orcasandowls View Post
It's funny, C's parents are actually pretty liberal. They also have a history of alienating their children, they refused to go to C's sister's wedding because she was marrying a Republican. . . . At this point, C thinks her parents may be under the impression that D and I are lovers and C is turning a blind eye to things. She's currently planning to write them a letter to clarify just what's going on here. I'm afraid that it might make things worse . . .
Gotta do some research! Find some liberal Democrats who are in poly relationships and hold them up as examples!
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