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Default I am Bitterborn's M

I am the M that Bitterborn refers to in his thread..... Life is Funny.
Tho I am not as eloquent with my words as he is, I feel that the other side of this story must be told.

We have always had an open relationship, but this whole poly thing is a bit new and different for us as a whole.

I never expected, nor did I want, to fall in "love" with anyone other than my husband. Not that I have ever believed in monogamy but "love" is a whole other story for me.

Falling in "love" with R was not what I wanted. It has been a strugle just on that point. Much less telling my Beloved (Bitterborn) that I was in love with another man.

Talk about fear. lol

Good thing that Bitterborn is more preceptive than me. After all he was the one that brought it to my attention that it was OK if I felt all these emotions for R.

I was (and am) confused as to how this is supposed to go.

Does anyone really know how it's "supposed" to go?

But what I do know is that since we have always promised to be open and honest with each other our relationship with has become a much closer and stronger one.

R and I are going through a difficult time in our relationship right now. Growing pains if you will. And bitterborn is my rock that is helping me not go totally crazy and open my eyes.

I will write more later.

I just thought that those of you who read the words of my Beloved should also hear from the one who goes crazy with the doubts that pour threw any relationship.
Regardless of whether or not you want to call it "normal".
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