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Originally Posted by orcasandowls View Post
Thanks for the advice, everyone. The idea that the kids are being abused is completely ridiculous, and I think C's parents know that. They're well-fed, well-clothed, developing appropriately to their age. I really don't see how anything going on here could be construed as abusive. At the same time, we're planning to get some legal advice, just to be safe.

So far, we've had no further word from C's parents. I guess we'll just wait and see what happens.
I think when people pull out the "it's abuse" card in situations like this, it's more about "morals" and thinking that the kids are exposed to sex, or group sex, and confusion about mother and father roles, etc., rather than food and clothing issues. It's like they assume that poly people just walk around naked all day and fuck like dogs at any moment.

There are members on this board who have dealt with issues like that. Do you all three live together?

Oh, yes, and I would not wait to get legal advice. If I were you all, I'd be at a lawyer's office yesterday!
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