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My Name is Nicholas, call me Nick or B.

My story is a long one and im not sure if this is the place for it.

Im 17, ill be 18 in 2 days less than a month! November 2nd ftw ^^

Im poly and so is my girlfriend Haley, we recently got out of a poly relationship with another girl because she backstabbed us and got a boyfriend behind our back then lied about it.

Im probably the only 17 that i know whos willing to consider a little girl who isnt mine or my girlfriend's biological child, but i have a huge softspot for her. As soon as i saw her, i fell in love with her immediately. I see myself in her(and she looks just like me and my girl), when i was younger i had the same situation she is in. A drug addict mother and a father who is hardly ever around. I just look at her and i feel like id do anything to see her smile, id die to make her happy. I guess thats how biological parents feel when they see their child. I know its irresponsible of me to do what im doing with her, and probably going to cause her grief when she gets older, but that grief wont be anything compared to what i had to do with my mother when i was young. I dont want that to happen to her, so thats why i care about her so much i guess.

Im straight, shes bisexual. Not much to say about me except that i play guitar and im a bit messed up in the head from seeing what i had to when i was a 'child'. I try my damndest to work through it but it gets real hard sometimes. Im basically an orphan, my mother is dead and my father physically abused me and left me on the side of the road without so much as a word of goodbye. I live with my Great Aunt Carol, and i have for the past 7 years.

Im an amateur computer tech and an amateur guitarist. Pretty much an amateur everything. Senior in highschool and one of the most friendly people you can possibly meet xD. Im very open and honest about anything and everything. No question is too far, i get alot of questions about my life from people so ive gotten used to it. Some people shun me for it, others pitty, but most look past it and see who i am. Feel free to say hi, i wont bite.

[Update: 10/17/09 4:36pm -500gmt] First update since making this. Girlfriend left me yesterday, gave me the "It's not you it's me" story. I am now fully convinced that women are in fact, the devil. Honestly getting very sick of the way people treat me, have you ever given everything to someone? Told them everything, things you've never even wanted to relive? I did that, i told her about my entire life, growing up the way i did, being walked out on by every person i've ever cared for, being abused by my father. Yet, she still told me that my depression upset her and caused her to have depression, wich was one of the reasons she left me. Grades are slipping and if i do not pass every class then i do not graduate.

How do you go from having everything to nothing? God i need a cigarette..

[Update: 12/06/09 12:46am -500gmt] Lost myself, who i am, what i stand for. My grades are still slipping and i just cant find it in me to care about anything. Maybe im going nuts. I miss having a girl around to order me around. God, thats pathetic isnt it?
Because sometimes when you love something, you need to let it go..

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