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No need to call me berserker, call me nick or B like most do. I dont sit and wait for the world to just hand it to me, i actively seek my goals and put my all into it, however, the world owes me no obsticals to hinder my happiness and nothing to prevent my life from turning out the way i want. I had that throughout my younger years. I didnt get to be a child so it sucks having to take responsibility for everything. Also, i already have a daughter, she isnt biological to either of us, however i love her no less than id love my own biological daughter or son. Shes the spawn of Haleys family friend and said friend is EXACTLY how my mother was. Ill be damned if ill let my little girl grow up having to pick her mother up from acid trips and hide her mothers heroin needles. If Haley was pregnant it wouldent phase me, i can take care of 2 little girls just fine.

I dont mean to be vain but im not THAT dumb, i do have uses, im pretty handy with a computer and after highschool im making my business take off. Firestorm Computer Company, remember that name ^_^ one day youll be sending your computers to me to get fixed.
Because sometimes when you love something, you need to let it go..

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