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Originally Posted by maca View Post
Hi James,
AS LR said taking the flashlight and shinning it on your best parts will by default build your self esteem and ppl are naturally attracted to others that exude confidence.Ive seen women that I do not find physically attractive to me but they have such a glow of confidence that I cant help but be in awe of them.Physical attraction goes so much further then just the body.

I felt like I wasnt good enough for my wife after she said she wanted another partner.So what I did was write three lists 1)what im good at 2) what I like 3) what ppl remember about me. Then I look for the things that are common in all 3 lists.Focus on those things and you will see and feel a difference.Worked for me ,Hopefully it will work for you also.
I always start feeling stupid when writing the list cause its like I have stupid stuff I'd put on there. But I guess I should try this time around and stick with it.
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