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Oh sweetie! My heart goes out to you.
When I was 15 my boyfriends older brother died of AIDS. It was devastating, and he wasn't my boyfriend! It's so hard to lose someone we love and so hard to move on from.

I thought you were young. My oldest daughter is 18.
But in many ways that is good, because what that tells me is your feelings of insecurity are actually QUITE NORMAL. But if you do keep working on them-you will grow up and grow out of them in the next few years.

We always have little things we are insecure about (like me and my boobs) but when we grow away from the highschool scene people are generally less discriminating and shallow-and in turn we are more able to learn to accept ourselves for who we are.

Keep your head up and practice looking for those good things about yourselff and focus on them!!

Hope you feel better by the way-being sick sucks!!!!!!!!
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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