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Originally Posted by foxflame88 View Post
Another point I want to add my two cents to: someone mentioned that once a person submits, they no longer have any rights. I couldn't disagree more. Submission is a GIFT. A slave/sub has the right to revoke that gift at any time. We have the right to have our thoughts heard and addressed.
I agree! I identify as a dominant. And to me, the submissive's right to retract their submission at any time is the most important rule of the whole arrangement.

If I had a submissive who couldn't retract their submission, then I would feel like a worthless Domme.

What kind of worthless, ugly wretch has to FORCE the love and submission of another?

If I cannot woo and win the submission, then I don't deserve it.

So I love your point here!
- All my Love.
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