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Originally Posted by River View Post

But I said this was to be a personal statement, so here goes.: I'm essentially married, though not legally married. (My state doesn't allow two men or women to marry each other; and I'm a guy essentially married to my male partner, Kevin.) Here's the personal part. Kevin & I have been a couple for roughly thirteen years. It's been a long time since our first kiss, and our first "sleeping together".... I'd like to stay with Kevin indefinitely; but I'd like not to have this mean the end to first kisses, etc. I simply don't want an end to "romantic" adventures -- and some of these may be with Kevin, but some may be with others...


Another advantage is that Kevin & I can openly discuss our attraction to others, without much fear that this will be taken to mean that we're less interested in each other.: We know that love or attraction doesn't work like apple pie does. Kevin doesn't get less of my affection when I share it with others -- but often gets even more! And vice versa. Love grows by addition, rather than shrinking...

Another advantage, if ever I should have a second committed partner, aside from Kevin, I'd not be left entirely alone if one or the other should either pass away or move on. ....
Thanks for all that River--I realize this is not the thread you expect to see me on, but some how I stumbled in! Doing ok here, btw. Did you get my off-site email?
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