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WOW... I can't believe this thread has been around over a year and I missed it! I just spent two hours reading through all 42 pages!

Lots of things stuck out to me (loved post #170) so I will address a few. Someone (I think it was RedPepper) mentioned the expense of toys. If you can think creatively, making low cost toys out of every day items you may already have will save a lot. For instance, I recently saw a flogger made entirely of duct tape.

Someone else mentioned the fear/apprehension of "losing themselves" in submission. Honestly, that was a big concern for me as well. It was a discussion my Dom and I visited and revisited over and over. A big help in ensuring this does not happen is adapting the contract details to the personality of the sub, so he/she can still be themselves and still please their dominant. Cookie cutter contracts just set a sub up for failure, and any good dominant wants their sub to succeed.

Another point I want to add my two cents to: someone mentioned that once a person submits, they no longer have any rights. I couldn't disagree more. Submission is a GIFT. A slave/sub has the right to revoke that gift at any time. We have the right to have our thoughts heard and addressed.
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