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Default Family Drama

I'm Erin! 22, female, part of an MFF triad that's currently going through a little stress. Why? My girlfriend C's family.

C was summoned to her parents house today, and when she got there, she was interrogated about our relationship. Her parents refused to have her husband (D) around for the conversation, saying that since we're in an "immoral relationship", that D isn't her husband anymore. They said some incredibly cruel things ("this is worse than your sister's cancer, because it's a cancer of your soul"), accused D and I of brainwashing her, called me a home-wrecker, and have threatened to report us to the authorities because they believe this is child abuse.

I'm sure other people have gone through things like this. Does anyone have any advice? I'm not sure we can convince her parents to see things our way, but any suggestions about how to discuss things further with them, or what to do if they bring things up again, would be very appreciated.

Many thanks in advance!
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