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Originally Posted by girluv4u View Post
i've been bumped more times then we had dates, i was told one night a week and now its become one night if convienant to everyone else.. there are 2 primary partners one is a live in the other lives out of town (the one out of town is NOT polly, yet knows about poly life? i dont get that)
, i'm the new girl. i see him making alot of private time with them, but when it comes to me i get 6hrs till we go to sleep then get up and work and she is always in the house.

im just not seeing the living primary giving the same respect as i am to give to her. polly to me is about respect, honesty and openess to go to eachother and say how you feel, good or bad...famliy. i see me not being included in alot of "family" stuff, last to kmow, first to be bumped.

i dont know is one 6 hour date a week uninterupted too much to ask? do i keep my mouth shut on how i feel to save what relationship the primary is allowing us to have?
Everyone has boundaries and their own unique life situations, about which you still haven't told a lot (yours or theirs). How long has your partner been with the other two women? How long have you been in this relationship with this man?

It's possible you have too many expectations. Even if you were under the impression that you would see this man once a week, and that's not what's happening, it would probably be good for you to realise that things change and/or don't always work out exactly as planned.

If you are not getting what you feel you need, you have every right to voice your feelings and also to leave the relationship if it is unsatisfying to you. Perhaps you need to discuss what they see your 'role' as being. If they claim you are a family member, but you don't feel that you are, then at that point you can say why. If they don't think of you as a family member, well then, you all are on different pages and you have to make some decisions.
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