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I'm in this boat too. My husband and I have just recently opened our marriage, and there's this guy... We have a very flirtatious friendship, and I have feelings for him. I strongly suspect my feelings are reciprocated. My husband has already said he'd be thrilled to see this relationship develop into a V-type scenario with me as the hinge. But because our friendship exists in this weird liminal "he knows I'm married and respects that even though..." state, I'm at a loss how to break it to him in a way that doesn't freak him out completely. Especially since his marriage ended badly and infidelity was a factor.

Basically, we've been friend-zoning each other so long and so hard that I'm kind of scared to screw things up. My strategy thus far has been to slowly introduce the nature of my marriage into conversations, and kind of waiting to see how he takes these little bits of the situation. In a perfect world, I could say "I'm open to a relationship with you, and my husband is completely supportive. How 'bout it?" But in real life...
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