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Originally Posted by Squibby View Post
=/ I am a terrible actor though! Haha, don't you think talking about polyamory like that would kind of be a bit obvious? ("Oh hey, did you know we're polyamorous? Oh, well it means etc etc - isn't that interesting? Just thought we'd happen to talk about it now at this moment...")
I would stay away from the poly word altogether, because you will end up having to define things. Stick with open, or non-monogamous. People know what those mean.

The other method for coming out, is if they ask about your partner, use THAT as a way to come out. Say they ask how s/he is, that's a perfect opportunity to mention that your partner had a good date, or if they ask what the two of you are doing on a weekend, mention the upcoming date your partner has.

Lots of different ways to do it! Check out the coming out thread.

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