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So here we are. A month into this thing, there's a lot going on. There have been some very tough times already, but we've got through them - and been better off for it every time. As it stands, 24 hours ago was the greatest night in our breif history - a big fight between Violet and I resulting in newfound understanding, followed by Anne and Violet having a date that resulted in some VERY intense conversation and "coming clean" about feelings and issues that resulted in - you guessed it, newfound understanding and love, followed by me meeting up with them at the end of the night to pick Violet up, and us not leaving until dawn - fill in the details yourself, I won't - but it was an amazing night for all of us, physically, emotionally, and mentally, and our triad is much stronger than ever and looking forward to the future.

There are still challenges we see. Violets family is a nonissue. Mine and Anne's - well, not so much a nonissue, lol. Cross that bridge when we get to it.

Violet and I have been engaged for months. There are equality concerns about how this should go forward, as we do not consider Anne a "third". So far Anne has said she would feel aweful if we broke it off on her accountm, and Vilet has decided she's fine breaking it off until we figure out how to go about the legal union aspect of things down the road. I'll let them sort it out, lol.

Anne has not officially broken up with her long distance guy, and still has feelings for him. Violet and I both have jealousy issues there, though not the way we thought we would. I a oddly okay with Anne having another male love interest, moreso than I thought I would be. Not HAPPY about it mind you, but not as bothered as I would think. It's an honesty thing - he has no idea about us yet. He knows she's fooled around with Violet a little, and isn't concerned; he has NO idea at all about me, and she doesn't know how to break it to him. She says she wants to break up with him but not lose his friendship; we're worried about the way she's going about it. She's going to see him this coming weekend; we'll see how it pans out.

There are some uncomfortable weirdnesses with Lana. She loves Anne to death, and says she's happy for us - she also acts as though she's very jealous, though she denies it. This makes for some new akwardness around the house, but it's not bad and we do talk about it and are working through it.

Living arrangements in the long term are up in the air. Violet and I live together in a nice 2 bedroom condo with Lana in the spare room, Anne has her 1 bedroom apartment. Her lease is up in January, ours in March. We would all like to move in together, but exactly how and where remains to be seen. Anne has two dogs, Violet two cats, and though I adore all 4 animals, I frankly don't like having that many 4 legged friends around the house, lol. Again - a bridge to be crossed when we reach it.

So there it is. Spelled out in horrible length - sorry about that. Never have to explain anything again, just the occasional update, lol.