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So - as previously mentioned, Violet and I started out in a very different kind of relationship from what either of us had known before; it seemed too good to be true. Everything about me that drove my exes nuts, she either didn't mind or thought was cute; everything her exes hated about her I had no issues with or thought was sweet. On top of that, we had this weird tendency to be honest with each other no matter what; almost like an ongoing dare to tell the other some little thing that they couldn't handle - which always ended up with sticky sweet moments when we realized that time and again, these things weren't mountains at all, barely rated as molehills to the other.

One of these things involved other people outside of - or involved in - a relationship. It took her almost as long to wrap her head around the fact that I didn't care if she saw women on the side - seriously or not - as it took me to realize she felt the same way. But about women, not guys (I am, as I said before, straight). This was hard for me because

1 - I didn't think I would be as cool about her being with another man as she was about me being with another woman, and I HATE hypocrisy, and
2 - related to 1, I couldn't see how this wouldn't breed jealousy.

Regardless, I finally decided dhe meant it - but I was so darned in love with her that I just didn't take her up on it much. Once, to be specific, and I wasn't even looking, the girl was after a casual encounter with me, lol. There was also the frightening tendency for her to be completely understanding for the first couple of months that my recent ex and I still talked about patching things up, and couldn't keep our hands off each other when we met up. Yes, Violet is the most understanding woman on earth, and I was happy as a clam to be with only her forever (secure in the knowledge that I could have the occasional outside foray without upsetting things at home). But we both talked all the time about how great it would be to find a real girlfriend, one who by some freak of chance would fall in love with both of us. We didn't call "her" a Unicorn at the time, but damn is that a fitting term, lol.

A few attempts were made. Other girls at the club knew she was bi and that her guy was okay with it, and some fooling around was had by her. When one seemed like more than a fuck buddy, she would tell them about her odd policy of letting her guy have girls too. Being a not unattractive man, a few showed interest in me, but didn't go anywhere. Until Lana.

I'll try to keep the Lana part brief, because although she's an important part of our lives, she's tertiary to this story. Lana is straight, which drives Violet nuts 'cuz she's madly in love with and VERY attracted to her. Violet brought Lana around because she wanted Lana and I to hook up since she couldn't get any there, lol. We all got along famously, but it just never happened between her and me, for reasons that we won't know until judgment day I'm sure. All the chemistry is there, it just wasn't meant to be. But a strong friendship was forged between the three of us, and when we found out about the horrible situation she was in with her abusive mother and really bad family situation, we moved her into our spare room post haste. There she remains, and we're somewhat sure she'll still be living with us as our "girlfriend without benefits" until we're all old and gray.

Having Lana around changed the dynamic of our "hunt"; because we loved her so much we kind of stopped looking, but we were frustrated because we really wanted somebody as intimate physically as emotionally and mentally. Yet we got an odd satisfaction having Lana around, so the motivation to keep looking just wasn't there.

Enter Anne. We never did find our Unicorn - she wandered into our camp of her own accord, looked at us and said "hey - what's up? Mind if I stay?" LOL!

Anne called me and wanted to meet, we hadn't seen each other face to face in almost a year. We had a great afternoon hanging out, which led to us becoming much closer friends. After a few more lunch dates and a lot of conversation about our respective relationships, she met Violet and Lana, and fit right in to our little cadre. Then she and I started going out on "not dates" as we called them - I was safe to go out with because I was just a friend and not her type, but she needed a companion because her "real" BF was 600 miles away.

And then one night it all hit the fan. We were on our way back from a "not date" and out of nowhere she confessed that she liked me as quite a bit more than a friend. This took me completely off guard - almost as badly as figuring out really fast that I liked her too. There was some kissing. A little fooling around that didn't go very far. And then I dropped her off and went home, and told Violet what had happened. She thought it was great; she and Lana had been teasing me for days about Anne liking me and that I was blind (I a when it comes to these things, another story there). And Violet liked Anne a lot, and had been teasing her for weeks that she was going to get her drunk and make her decide if she liked girls or not, lol.

Next day, anticipating some awkwardness about last night, Anne came over. Instead of being akward, she told Violet how greatful she was that she wasn't angry at her, and confessed to a little crush on her too.

And things went really, really fast after that.

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