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Originally Posted by TruckerPete View Post
I thought you weren't seeing 2Rings for seven weeks while they worked on themselves?

Not criticizing, just wondering if something changed.
Yep. Slight adjustment. KT wants to get used to being around us. So while no couple-like interaction for us, just some social interaction like with the kids and friends. And no dates etc until then. So no one-on-one stuff for me right now, they need time with eachother but they both want to be sure full acceptance is part of the process. Their own couple stuff is going on and they are working on their relationship with counselling etc. My part is that KT was getting caught up in jealousy whenever he and I had sex and/or romantic dates (because of the constant fights they were living quite separate in that regard- so there was resentment for me), so he and I are foregoing that part of our relationship for a few more weeks. BTW that began May 5th so we are almost half way there for me. Their initial timeframe was six months for working on themselves as a couple and individuals- that began in January. I am hoping that happens even sooner. Who wouldn't?! So not everything is posted here in a timely fashion.
Thanks for asking. Didn't realize I was not writing chronologically which may cause confusion.

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