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Originally Posted by Somegeezer View Post
Exactly a great point. A film is not like a book and so tells the story differently either way. I get annoyed when people have to compare to a book and can't just enjoy a film for what it is as a film. It's times like that, I'm glad I don't read fiction. I love to see it all on screen.
You are missing out. .. The worlds weaved in a good story are absolutely untouchable.

It depends what perfection means to you. No human being is perfect, but isn't that what makes us perfectly human? As far as I've been told [because I haven't read the books and don't plan to] is that the films were actually better, because they got rid of all the pointless nonsense from the books. That added with 3 hours or so length for each film, they were able to put a lot of the stuff that really was relevant into it.
3 points in here. I answered the question on perfection. You are absolutely right, humans aren't perfect, that doesn't make them perfect. Hell even in genetics we are all mutating, so even mother nature/god/bigbang/etc doesn't believe we are perfect.

Whoever said the films are better.. are wrong. .. a lot of the "nonsense" is key to character creation and building a very detailed world. You have to dislike fantasy to imply that the books weren't as good. The movies were easier.. not better.

I am not comparing the books to the movies. I fully understand there is a difference between the two and that they have to be different. And please don't get me wrong. The movies did an AMAZING job recreating the story and I crave to see the hobbit when it comes out. In many ways they changed sub plots, changing some of those key stories left out. Changing many of the sub plots. The main plot was left intact and was incredible.
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