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I see people.

I see them say they love their country. They say it even though history shows that truly they have been poor neighbors. Even when someone says the most idiotic things when they are speaking for the country. Even if they can admit their country has done things to people that never ever should have been done. Even when their country abhors their lifestyle. Even when their country fails them. Even when their country takes money from them. Even when they are jailed, have liberties removed, lied to, have privacy invaded, have land taken away, manipulated, forced to change habits, have standard of living lowered, and treated different than others. I see them even after all of that say that they love their country. It doesn't matter which country you are from you have seen it too.

I see people and I am disappointed that they come closer to acceptance and unconditional love for their nation than they do with their partner(s)
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