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Yea Erosa - Mon pretty much summed it up in a sentence or two.

Despite years of activism and publicity, homophobia has really not changed. It seems to have taken a dip for a few years but has been on the growth pattern again the last few years.
I don't know whether it will ever be overcome - at least in western culture.

But on the other hand, although you may have experienced that female bisexuality (the label) is far more common, if you have time and the opportunity, I suspect that you will discover that the number of men who are actually open to bisexual experimentation is far greater than advertised. But you won't see it publicly announced. But if you are in a relationship (or getting there) with a guy - just you TRY expressing to him that it would turn you on to see some guy/guy interaction. Then watch how fast his attitude may turn around. It may take 2 or 3 little hints & grins but you may be pleasantly surprised.

Try it

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