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I'm 5'6", 150-160 pounds I think, curvy, brown hair, brown eyes. I have thick eyebrows that I don't pluck and I think they look cool (not as thick as Frida, mind you). I don't pluck any of my other hairs from the neck down either.
I'm not very athletic but I'm trying to get there. I don't have tattoos or piercings (I used to have pierced ears but they closed). I'm white with a very pale skin and dark brown moles all over my body (not 3D ones for the most part).

I wear glasses, which are usually broken in at least one way. My current glasses, which I got in 2006 or 2007, have tape on one side to hold the glass in, a piece of a pin replacing a screw in one of the branches (no screw would fit, it's completely out of shape) and the frame is bent in several ways. Oh, and it's missing one of the plastic things that goes on your nose.
Yet I really don't feel the urge to replace them. They work fine. I'll replace them when they're too broken to wear, not before That's how I roll.
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