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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
I was off sick one day and did just about feeling like you are in an alternate reality by the end of the day
That's what I love about films and gaming too. Just feeling like you're somewhere else. You stop thinking about life and put yourself into the action on screen.

Originally Posted by Ariakas View Post
Comes from a core disbelief in perfection. People hate working for me because I don't believe in handing out perfect scores during reviews.

If I were to pick one thing that was close. It would be lord of the rings. But.. but.. it can never be perfect as it was flawed in some of its story telling. It strayed from the book (which it had to do due to the size of the books) and added some extra goopy romance. All in all, it was pretty close..
It depends what perfection means to you. No human being is perfect, but isn't that what makes us perfectly human? As far as I've been told [because I haven't read the books and don't plan to] is that the films were actually better, because they got rid of all the pointless nonsense from the books. That added with 3 hours or so length for each film, they were able to put a lot of the stuff that really was relevant into it.

Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
It's a mistake to judge how good a film is by whether or not it was faithful to the original material from which it was adapted. Film is a visual medium. Books require imagination. A screen adaptation usually MUST stray in order to be tell the story well on the screen, and for the pacing to keep the viewer's interest. You simply cannot include every detail of a long book in a film script. Adaptations are very tricky for even the most experienced screenwriter. Of course, diehard fans of a book always feel like a film should be exactly like the book, and if it isn't, it's a travesty (case in point - the absolute rage there was over the ending to My Sister's Keeper!). But a good director knows that is impossible to do. What they try to do is evoke the right tone or emotional atmosphere of whatever book is being adapted.
Exactly a great point. A film is not like a book and so tells the story differently either way. I get annoyed when people have to compare to a book and can't just enjoy a film for what it is as a film. It's times like that, I'm glad I don't read fiction. I love to see it all on screen.

I haven't seen My Sister's Keeper, so that'll be a good one for me to watch. I've heard it's quite good.
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