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Yep, sure was. Born and Raised in El Rio. Lived in the same house my whole life. That is until I went into the military I loved it, but I didnt know it at the time. Being in all kinds of different weathers and just missing the coastline out there, I didnt know what I'd be missing. Nowadays, I miss the rain, I miss the all-weather riding that I could do out there and I really miss the ocean. Hoping that someday the wife and I can move back to Cali!

What parts of Socal have you been to? Have you made it down to San Diego yet? I'm certain you've been up and through Thousand Oaks and Malibu by now. Have you gone down to the Strawberry Festival out there? When I was living there, it was free and all of the treats and goodies were free. Nowadays you have to pay a fee because the farming parcels were bought up out of the Farmers hands and sold off to build houses. Real shame, such rich land out there, too bad that it has to be wasted on MORE houses. OH! The Ventura County Fair is coming up, have you gone to that yet?
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