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Default Feeling Lonely

I'm married to a partner of 7 years and have had a girlfriend for the past 13 months. We've had an intense time and it was exactly what I needed to live out my poly orientation. But we decided to break up in about 3 weeks, after we take a trip together. It's a hard time to go through and there is no one around to talk to about it. My partner is caring, but it feels awkward to mourn the loss of another relationship to him.
Why didn't it work? Mostly: time. It's hard to share and schedule and figure out. But also she never wanted to hang out with my partner which made it even harder to do fun things like hiking or eating out. I just had too much pressure. Also, she isn't actually into the poly thing and would love for my partner to drop dead to have her all to myself. Plus she's moody when she has her period and goes spiraling down which required a lot of emotional energy on my part.
After a year I am definitely ready to all it quits and I know it's for the better for both of us. But it's still sad and I just need to know there are people around who can understand what I am going through.
Thanks for reading.
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