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I've had a pretty good week! Mostly... Aside from a bit of bullshit and drama regarding O. It feels like he's been doing a few things lately just to get under my skin and make a power play. At this point, I'm trying to just ignore it and do my thing. He's not making it easy though.

On a happier note, things are going well with the Nurse. We got to play some more this week. I had an amazing time. I love being able to explore this side of myself. I think I'm starting to have feelings beyond "play partner" and I'm a little nervous because he's even fresher out of a breakup than I am. I just don't want to end up investing into something if he's just rebounding. I love having some one to cuddle and play with. We have good conversations and a decent amount in common.

In the mean time, I am really loving playing. The Nurse, Sinclair and I are planning a scene for an upcoming play party and I must say, I think it's going to be really fantastic. It's a fantasy I've had for years. I'm pretty new to playing in public so I'm a little nervous to have an audience but I've gotten more comfortable with a little of stuff recently. I think it'll go well.

Tomorrow's going to be super busy. I have a composting class, a wedding and then a get together. Oh and a job interview! Which is awesome. I really really really need a job! Like, yesterday. So, keep your fingers crossed for me! I've applied to an insane amount of stuff. There are so many people looking right now. One of the strip clubs nearby is hiring and I had a moment of ...maybe? and then....Nopes. Besides, I'm trying to find daytime hours.

I've been doing lots and lots of yoga and that feels good. I'm starting to be able to flow in my movement and refine poses. I'm finding more control with the breath and my focus. I really love having this unlimited pass right now.
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