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Originally Posted by JnR View Post
Wow nycindie... I needed that today!!! I have been struggling with a 'jealousy' issue, but after reading your post, I do believe it is more of a loneliness and sense of loss that I am feeling. Now I will go and do some thinking...
Hey, you're welcome, but don't spend too much time thinking! Awareness isn't about ruminating over things to the nth degree - it's simply about shedding light on stuff ("enlightenment") and seeing what is. Now you say, "Huh. I'm lonely." Do you really need to pick that apart? No! The next moment the loneliness may not be there anymore. Go out and call a friend, be with people, or find something to do by yourself that makes you happy. The loneliness (or whatever feeling we are avoiding) won't stick around once you allow it to just be. See it and it will "complete itself." Avoid it or overthink it and it hangs around, causing mischief.
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