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Default Too perfect?

So, after 14 years we've finally decided that polyamory could work. I'm very monogamous, my husband is the poly one. My husband has always been free to have as many lovers as he wants. For the last 3 years, he has been seeing one particular woman occasionally and maintaining a long distance relationship (just texting and calls) with a another for 2 years.

We've finally met one woman who we can both call our friend and she understands the lifestyle. My husband has been with her twice and she came to our house so we could all share him (I'm not bisexual, not interested in women, so it wasn't a threesome in the usual sense) I'm quite happy to let her and my husband do their own thing which is right now just texting since my husband is out of town.

We've laid ground rules for when he does come home and everything is going perfectly. Too perfectly I think. It all just seems too good to be true. The ease. And it has me scared.

Why am I scared when it is paper perfect?
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