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Default The Stats Don't Match.

I just have to ask something...

Statistically (roughly, and since 2009) 11% of females born females identify themselves as bisexual or lesbian. 10% of males identify themselves as bisexual or gay.

Therefore, I have to ask; WHY in poly are nearly all the men I have met hetero-sexual?

I realize that I am talking about a sub-group. But if the statistics are so close, then I would expect to see more bi men who are seeking to join a couple, or more couples who are seeking to have truly inter-mingles love (not just wife trading.)

This really is idle curiosity in some respect but I also have to wonder; why are so many more women so much more open to the idea of having sex with a member of the same gender than men? Especially when statistics seems to indicate only a 1% difference?
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