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Wink Hey Kazodujin

Hey Kazokujin.
I could totally relate to your intro. Its what me and my hub are also looking for. The new member, can she or he be refered to as a stright unicorn? Since unicorns are bi-sexual. I myself am proably 5-10% bi. I prefer men. I myself am interested in adding a third member because I feel there is room. My hub would prefer a woman and I am ok with either sex. Iíll probably want to add more in time I will want another man. ( Just typing that I feel my hubs heart being riped out.) He hates the thought of me being with another man. If a second woman was around wouldnít that make more room for me to explore my interests. While she is keeping him intertaned. Aloghting out my time to any other man than him will be the problem, only because he wants to share everything he dose with me and cant understand that I want to do more things than what interest him. Like being fit and active. And on the go go go all the time. He wants to be by his side all ways and thatís what I want too but he dosent want to do every thing I want to do. So I m looking for someone who will do those things with me. And him if he wants to join in. Having someone else around will help with child care too. We already have my big bro around and that helps with the child care on nights me and my hub wants to go out. I am my bros main child care for his boy, while he is at work. I love having two kids (cusions) both toddlers its like having twins. Anyways I get lonely during the day and would like to have someone around. My husband would probably say he was most interested in adding someone that will also contribute financaly, exspecialy if it where a man. Good work ethic is important.

Feel free to state your comments and ask anything you want so I can clearify my babble.

Oh yes and in addition to wanting to add a third member, we would be interested in adding a nother couple even . The more the marrier!!!!!

~Friend Kisser~
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