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Originally Posted by tigrrrlily View Post
any advice on dealing with jealousy about an ex maybe dating someone we both know? i know, i know, if you;re not dating its not poly.
I'm not sure what you mean by that second sentence. Are you saying since you aren't dating that person anymore, it's not poly? Um, well, no I guess not.

So, to the original question, I've long been a believer in "recycling" former loves. Let my friends have a go with the good ones! Maybe it will work out better for them, or be fun, whatever. If someone is great enough to be in a relationship with you, why not for your friends as well? I'm being glib, but I'm just used to having a circle of friends where we often dated the same people and it was no biggie. Sometimes jealousy rises but you deal with it by looking at the situation objectively. That person never belonged to you, therefore why are you jealous? Unless it's a very fresh and recent breakup, which makes it more understandable, ya gotta let go.
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