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Originally Posted by JakeBeaudrie View Post
The problem is not that she doesn't want to be with them without me, it's that i'm having a hard time letting go and having her be with them w/out which just seems so childish on my part. Is is silly of me to think I'd be more comfortable with it if we both had a secondary? Right now I don't and am feeling left out.
No - it's not 'silly'. Well............maybe
It's just envy. Perfectly natural.
Would you be more comfortable if you had someone to play with - maybe. Probably. But I think that's all you need to understand. Nobody likes to feel/be left out but there are times it's going to happen. Might as well just get used to it so it doesn't affect things in a negative manner. Other people have had success just finding more interests or hobbies to keep occupied. Idle minds.........etc.

Or as Mags suggested - see if there can be some role for you that is fun but doesn't involve any obligation with you and someone who turns you off. It's possible.

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