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Originally Posted by Freedom View Post
As I am new to the idea of polyamory I wonder what women feel about their partners not caring if they sleep with other men?
I know my girlfriend is interested in other men however she said to me that she would be concerned about 'the protection feelings of a man towards his girlfriend if he didnt mind her sleeping with other men'.

Do other women feel like this?
In monogamy jealousy/protection is sometimes seen as a protective great emotion. It makes the person who is receiving the jealous/protective attention happy and needed.

In poly.. It works the opposite way. It can come across as selfish and possessive.

Obviously there is lots of in between when it comes to the emotion, but point out the extremes makes a point.

I wonder in your example if the same concern applies to women sleeping together?

Even in monogamy I never dated women of the first type. Requiring jealousy to feel good about the quality of the relationship is simply dramatic. I create enough of my own drama I don't need someone like that.

That said, I will always feel protective of the people I love. Regardless of the location of their pelvises. Bt I also trust them to make the decisions that suit them...
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