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River said a lot of very very good things.
James-you have to love yourself. I'm a woman and you're gay-so no interest there, but I can tell you as a bi woman-that across the board, men and women are always attracted to people who believe in themselves.

You CAN be loved-and you CAN be happy and you probably are already a wonderful person.
Start doing a little soul searching and figure out what you need to make you love you the most.

And yes River is right-I prefer smaller sized men especially when we're doing anal sex, so it would make PERFECT sense to me that there are also men out there who prefer a smaller sized man as well!

We all have our little preferences, hell a "well endowed man" is destined to be turned away by me, not for me, not interested, so maybe you met one man who wasn't turned on by your size- OBVIOUSLY he wasn't the man for you!

The other thing I wanted to note-in all the men I've known-they ALL think that they are "a little smaller then average" and the truth is only 2 of them were! It's much less of an issue than it may seem to you right now.

I have huge breasts-I was always self conscious about it. Honestly-most people don't give a crap about it! I've never dated someone who wanted me for my boobs! They wanted me for ME.

Work on caring about the IMPORTANT things of yourself-not the "shallow" things like size in body mass or specified body parts.

Look in the mirror and make yourself a list of what is great about YOU. YOU are an individual worthy of love and affection!!!
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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