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Originally Posted by saevuscorvax View Post
Right now the only thing I can think of is let time heal. Spend some time apart. Let us both sort of regroup before approaching each other again
More time apart seems, to me, to be the opposite of what you need.

I would suggest renegotiating your schedules so that you are not apart for longer, but together longer. Give a break to the amount of time spent with your other lovers ("secondaries") and rebuild your connection. Then very carefully divide your time so it isn't out of balance or left to be too undefined where your connection could become less solid. Perhaps spend lots of naked, sexy time together, but let the sexual tension build more by prolonging actually "doing it" (give each other sensual massages, etc.). If, after a while, you are not feeling as connected as you once were, maybe it is time to move on OR stop thinking of the relationship as "primary."
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