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Originally Posted by NeonKaos View Post
That was invented my the patriarchal misogynistic judeo-christian establishment in order to "keep women in their place".

If you read anything about Paganism, Celtic culture, and other non-"western" histories, you will find plenty of examples of where the "female processes" are celebrated as a source of power and strength because [DUH] they represent fertility and the continuation of the species [/DUH].

On the flip-side of the argument, there are also folks who think that breast-feeding one's OWN child is "unnatural, even distasteful".

So, poo-poo on your argument from both sides of the fence, yo.
It's not MY argument. I wouldn't have started this whole line of thought (on another thread, moved twice to end up here) if I weren't a big fan of breastfeeding and - incidentally - "female processes" in general. I actually felt a LOT more comfortable (meaning: less squeamish, less embarrassed, not "physically comfortable", so PLEASE don't anybody jump on me with: "Of course you felt more comfortable!") with menstruation than one of my girlfriends, who used to wrap each used sanitary towel in about a metre of toilet paper before burying it at the bottom of the rubbish bin.

I agree with everything else you say: it's the fucked-up patriarchal, consumerist, male-is-better-than-female society that is the norm in the First World that has distanced us from a healthy respect for The Female.

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