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Originally Posted by River View Post

... From one queer James to another...

Forget about the whole notion of getting anyone, or any others, to love you. Your essential first task is to love yourself. Only then can you hope to have happy loving relationships with others.

Others can't really jump start your own self love, either. That's something you have to discover in yourself. And practice with yourself. And grow in yourself. And then share with others.

Practice in all the ways you'd love anyone else. Say kind things to yourself, aloud or silently. Pour yourself a nice hot bath -- with bubbles, if it pleases you. Cook yourself nice meals, or take yourself out to dinner and a movie. Follow your interests, hobbies, passions, where they take you, and love LIFE itself. Your love of life itself will become a glow around you and others will be attracted to it, and you'll be liking yourself, so won't be disbelieving them when they tell you that they like you, too.

Start now. Embrace yourself right now with love, warmth and tenderness. If that's difficult, have tenderness toward yourself in this difficulty. But know this. If you don't love you, nobody else can do it for you in a happy and healthy way. Accept that fact, and be the first to solve it.
Thanks, Its hard when you constantly hear certain negative remarks but overall I always dress as if I was thin. I make myself look good no matter what. Thats where I excel and I been getting that slowly with the arrival of my ex who is now straight and I realize he and I are not getting back together. Thanks alot river and everyone else
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