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escape from our destructive and extremely dysfunctional families it sometimes the best medicine for what ails us. trying to care for an ill parent is a very draining and noble act (can you tell i've been there?) but when the rest of the family is resisting and resenting you for whatever reason, your own survival(mental or physical) becomes paramount.
i'm sorry that your family is full of such difficult and cold people, its extremely painful when the people you share blood with treat you worse than a stranger on the street. i haven't spoken to my family in about three years, yes it's painful and i mourn the family i should have had, that i deserve, but breaking away was to only to heal.
on a happier note, yay for the garden, it's gratifying to know you've done something productive, isn't it ? i redesigned mine this year, have about half planted and even ended up with a shaded little reading spot.
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