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What can we do to help you with your problem? You seem to have a good grasp on communication with your wife. That is what we would normally tell you to work on; but you already know that. Are you here to just vent your story? This is posted in the discussion-thread section. If you just want to write about your journey, not discuss or debate a topic, then you would do better by starting a thread in Life Stories and Blogs.

I just re-read your other posts, and the only thing I can suggest is a sex-therapist (alternative-friendly of course). You're not jealous, you're not threatened, you're not fixated on PIV sex, you tried your usual communication style, etc. etc. still not getting better and you're in a rut. That's what therapists are for - when you know you have a problem and you need help changing your approach to it.

Also, why not invite your wife and/or her other partner over here, and maybe they can give folks another angle to this situation?
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