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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
No worries Monos are a funny bunch and you are in a different situation than me. I feel for you. Take care and keep your face to the sun where the warmth is
You are very kind....

You know what - people tell me I hide my light.... I should maybe let you know that life is not always as bad as I paint it... (though sometimes it feels that way)

My husband of nearly 30 years is totally in love with me. He is kinda in love with this other woman, but she's definitely secondary. He does seem to love me better since he fell for her ( a couple of years ago). We probably will meet as a threesome to discover whether there's any prospect of making something work between us 3, but my husband is now saying that if she's not up for it (respecting the primacy of his marriage and our family) then it will have to end....

I am beginning to learn something about my jealousy also. I don't doubt he loves me. I seem to be envious of something he has, that i don't. This seems to go back to me being a twin. I was always kinda jealous of her - thought she was prettier than me (we were identical twins!!) I was the clingy one - she the one who was lookin out more....

So - if i could possibly overcome my possessiveness and turn outwards myself - who knows what might be out there waiting for me....

love to you all
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