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Originally Posted by Ceoli View Post
Is it just me or does using words like "a poly" and "a mono" make it sound like two different species of animals or two different gangs or something like that? The Poly's vs. The Mono's.

We're people! Being poly or mono is about how we have relationships!

(taking my tongue out of my cheek now)
In a way it does Ceoli-but so does primary, secondary etc. The thing is-words are just pictures that describe what we are talking about. For some people it's more than just how they have a relationship, it's more than even just a lifestyle, it's how they define themselves.
My "second" (another description that makes me ill) doesn't just live a mono relationship. He is in love with one person, not even one person at a time, just flat one person. Since he was 17 years old he's been in love with one person. His heart is wired for only one person ever.

Now for me that concept isn't just "foreign" it's so completely impossible it's like someone telling me that ET really landed and is waiting on my doorstep to come in! But for him the fact that I can and do love him and my husband and my ex girlfriend deeply and permantently.... that isn't just a foreign concept for him, it's impossible for him.

So sometimes those words help us understand instrinsic parts of a person that without being close to them we otherwise wouldn't comprehend at all and even with the words we only grasp peripherally.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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