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Originally Posted by BlackUnicorn View Post
Yep, the breast-feeding part, while not exactly a problem, is a bit of a challenge right now, because when the baby needs to eat, Mum is the only one who can provide atm.
My reply to this got moved (twice - first creating its own thread, then into the thread "breastfeeding"). It pointed out that other women - even women who have never had children - can, in fact, breastfeed. It's now here. It has - in turn - been commented on (one comment dealing with the surprise of a lover to find her girlfriend lactating).

While I can understand the move, I think it's also pertinent information to this thread about children, so that's why I'm posting this. My point is that if you really want to get implicated, if the mother is willing to let you share this intimacy with her child (some might want to reserve this bond for themselves: others might be VERY happy about not being the only one "on call" [a chance to sleep right through the night now and then!!!]), then it is possible...
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