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Originally Posted by Minxxa
He's been amazing me the past few months, though. Really working on us, and our relationship, and communication and everything.

Damn, i love that man!!
How wonderful! Hooray!

Originally Posted by Minxxa
The other thing we're going to work on is my anxiety. I am laughing at myself now, because for years I knew I was a "worrier", or I'd "overthink" things, etc. Basically I've had anxiety all of my life, I just never CALLED it anxiety! . . . I just can't stop my brain from working and it is ridiculous. I've had times when I was being anxious about something and I'd finally get myself to sleep and I'd wake up two hours later and as soon as I woke up my brain started again and I was up for 4-5 hours. No bueno.

The worst part of anxiety is that you can't intellectualize your way out of it. It's like your brain is worrying about things that YOU intellectually aren't worried about.
Is the anxiety something you've been diagnosed with? Believe it or not, it sounds like your have a fairly mild case of it compared to some people I've known. Usually, if severe, anxiety is accompanied by a heaviness or tightness in the chest, tingling or numbness, heart palpitations, and even nausea. Sometimes constant worry is indicative of other things like PTSD or ADHD (for women), but I've read that generalized anxiety and worry can be helped by cognitive behavior therapy. And staying busy.

I'm a worrier, but it's more like a habit I learned from my mother who had acute anxiety that could completely debilitate her. When I start to worry, the best thing I've found is to shift my focus to the present moment and really get involved with the here and now. Most people don't realize how absent we are much of the time.
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