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Originally Posted by LuvXX View Post
I know it's wrong, but we are allowed to see each other and their marriage IS open, we're just seeing each other more often than she wants right now.
Its the whole concept of being "allowed" to or "not allowed" to that makes me think of cheating I think. How can someone "allow" you to do anything? You have to agree or disagree no?

You can disagree with her and do it anyway, but I suggest that she know this and know you are sneaking instead.... otherwise its cheating to me. Basically, it isn't her business or within her control, I don't think, how much you see each other. The key to me, is to tell her that and then get to the bottom of how she is feeling. If she comes up with good reasons like its going too fast for her, then perhaps a temporary compromise can be made, otherwise she is being bossy and demanding and you will just cheat with him as a result of no one getting their needs met.

Consideration, being honest about feelings when they are communicated and pacing is what seems to be missing here.
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